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Development of Social Media in Business

When did Social Media become a necessity

There was a time where people could not instant message each other, share documents or even just jump on a computer to read the news . I KNOW right, how did these people survive and more importantly how did they get anything done. Nowadays , we do everything on some sort of device, from banking, to socializing, and most importantly to do our jobs. Without social media, we would be in complete disruption of everyday life. We will look at where it all started and how social media has become a requirement for success in business.

So where exactly did social media start?

  • It all started in the 1990’s, more specific in 1997 with blogging. People have a natural need to communicate and connect to similar groups to fulfill the need of belonging, making blogging a very powerful and popular platform till this day.
  • Soon ‘Friends reunited’ followed, where people could connect and communicate with each other online.
  • In 2002 social media started to grow rapidly with one platform after another, 2003 saw the waking of LinkedIn, the start of social media for professionals.
  • But it wasn’t until 2004 that social media really boomed with the launch of Facebook. Yup, we all know and love it and is part of our daily routine.

Social media has since become a requirement in business !

How social media has become the essence of organisations

Today, all companies use some sort of social media platform, whether it be Google+, a website or  a more sophisticated platform. Many business realize the advantages social media brings for advertising, connecting and communicating with their customers, but they don’t always realize the advantages inside the organisation.

Human Capital Impact

In today’s diverse and global business environment, it is essential to be able to connect to a colleague 3000 miles away, or to order urgent inventory from your supplier in China. What if you had a quick decision to make regarding ordering stock on special, but you need to find out if your customer base would like the new addition? Easy right, straight to FB or mailchimp…..? When dealing with large global organisations, people need to easily review work, brainstorm together or schedule and conduct online meetings. Most business conduct their market research online for the fact that it is user generated and tagged based information. They get to see and hear what people have to say about trends, needs and wants at a click of a mouse. For project research you might check out WIKI with information from specialist contributors across the globe all contributing to the topic you are researching. Social media has become one of the main sources for business research as well as advertising. Below is a list of why we need to use social media in business.

A list of why social media is a must for organisation, inside and outside:

Business or Pleasure - Social Media in the Workplace
Kelly services recruitment

#1 Marketing

Social media gives ample opportunity to market your product or service. Be careful not to spam your audience causing them to stop following you. Make time to post some tips and ideas, or perhaps a clip or explanation on how to use your product to achieve best results.

#2 Real Time Updates

Social media allows for colleagues to be able to communicate instantly on their phones or other devices whether they are across the globe or have clashing schedules. Online meetings, urgent matters, updates on projects, no matter what the need, social media has made it all possible. It also allows Businesses to be able to inform their Customers of upcoming events, latest news and product updates/releases. Finally, it has successfully and solely been used by a world leader to inform and update his supporters and even his opponents of his ideas and policies. He has successfully used it to voice his opinions and to attack major organisations news outlets.

#3 Relationship building

Social media allows for business and customer to develop meaningful relationships through constant communication. Your customer can post comments to your page as you might share a glimpse of life behind the scenes.

#4 Market research

Social media helps you to know what your customer thinks about your product. See whats drawing their attention and ask for feedback or ideas for improvement.

So as we can see, social media has grown to become essential in our everyday lives, professional and personal. We can conclude that new technologies have made the business world a lot more convenient but also added a lot more complexities.

You can read more about how to successfully use social media in your business here.


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